Hotel buffets in Japan offer a wide variety of both Western and Japanese foods. It`s very easy to over eat…LOL
Hotel info:
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  1. I never comment on videos but I have been watching yours for a long time. How do you eat so much and stay so fit? Also, I would love to win a snack pack! I remember videos from awhile back when you had them in envelopes or wrapped in paper. Lol

  2. Sorry I always have to give my true opinion especially to you my favorite vlogger I just didn't enjoy this buffet at all maybe it's because you just did the Vegas buffet not too long ago and that one was awesome sorry Eric this one just missed a little something😆😆 still ❤love ❤you videos🖒🖒

  3. I thought purple sweet potatoes were used in a lot of different dishes and food items in Japan? A lot of purple items contain purple sweet potato, right? I’ve had chocolate covered bacon a few times (including at a wedding as a passed appetizer) and I loved it. Has to have the right amount of chocolate, not too much or it’ll be too sweet. Next time just spoon some chocolate over the bacon so it doesn’t contaminate the whole fountain though. Not everybody eats bacon, so we don’t want to ruin the fountain for everyone else (and we don’t know how long that chocolate in the fountain gets recycled for). Apple cider vinegar in the mango juice must be good for you too, since apple cover vinegar on it’s own once a day is good for your body!

  4. The bacon actually looked quite good. I really want to try natto, add those small portions look perfect for a first timer (less waste)… I love kimchi and other pickles, but I can't imagine what natto tastes like.

  5. Anthony Bourdain was suicide yesterday in Paris, France 🇫🇷 during the shooting of the latest episode of "Parts Unknown". He's 61 years old. For food and travel will never be forgotten. He being "hang himself".


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