Is Santorini overrated? I don’t think I can answer that yet, but it’s definitely not as easy a photography location as I expected.
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We arrived in Santorini, Greece and we have 3 days here. I thought that I’d be going crazy with the photography. But, I think it’s kind of overrated. In this Santorini vlog I basically spend my time running around the most famous of the Greek Islands trying to find cool photo spots. But, Santorini Island is bigger than we expected, and much more of a challenge.
Is it overrated? I guess time will tell. But for now, I kind of think that I preferred the other Greek Islands to Santorini. But, be sure to tune in over the next couple days of Santorini vlogs to see what photo spots we find.



  1. Back in the early 80's it was a different place. Nobody knew about it then.
    Spent our Honeymoon there, and went back for our 25th anniversary…
    Totally Different Place by then.

  2. Greece is not all about photo's. Greece is all about the feelings you get when you are there. Put down the camera you are not a good photographer, you are just a guy with a good camera.

  3. Brendan… you guys missed an great opportunity to ride the burros up the cliff side to the top of the cliffs from the harbor. That experience for me was pretty amazing. It gave me that “awe” value to my arrival there.

  4. Is Santorini Overrated?
    Assuming the question is clickbait motivated. I knew a guy once who went to Disneyland and he simply could not find a decent shot of the desert. Yeah, I was going to point out the obvious but what the heck, leave him be. To this day he wonders if Disneyland is overrated.

  5. every time he says "overrated" take a sip.. classic Americans, so edgy and so paranoid. Actually I think photography is kinda overrated, as it can't capture what our eyes can most of the times!

  6. We just went there a few weeks ago.. Santorini IS NOT over rated. You'll be hard pressed to find another location in the world that has white washed villages perched on top of an active caldera lol Not sure what you're looking for but there are tons of areas to explore with contrasting scenery and environments from the top to the bottom of all those cliffs. It has def become very touristy.. but you can visit the place during off season if you want to see it empty.

  7. Brendan you are my favourite youtuber but..Santorini overrated?I am Greek and i have been to most of our islands and Santorini is one of the most beautiful places! Please take the time and visit OIa, Fira and Imerovigli!Apart from landscape you could shoot amazing street photo there!Love your vlogs!

  8. It gets crowded because of all the day trippers that land off the cruise ships each day .
    The beauty of Santorini for photography is in the detail and the intimate shots, sure the views are great but difficult to compose a shot.

  9. Nice photo of a road less travelled in Santorini. I’ve been there and was amazed at the beauty of Oia. That’s were all the classic photos are obviously taken. You may want to try Oia without a plan, or tripod, and just the 16-35 lens. Sometimes the unexpected happens when you are just chillin and slowing down. It’s a great place for a model shoot against the setting sun and the amazing pastel architecture. Just another perspective:).

  10. Looks like the most interesting thing about Santorini is its history–the eruption's impact upon the Minoan civilization and its effect upon that entire portion of the Mediterranean, etc. Check out the beautiful frescoes and art work if you get bored looking for the perfect shot 🙂

  11. Sorry Brendan , but the title should be “Brendan Getting Lazy”. Highly disappointed with you, who is a world traveler, would not do research before you get to a place and then complain about it. You been to a million places that have been photograph a zillion times, yet you do not complain about them. And then you complain about your hotel because you become a cheapskate and in your comments here, say it is all fake? Every place is different and there is a reason why most places to stay are on the Caldera side dug into the volcanic rock, you would have known this if you had done some research. Too bad you are not working with Trover anymore because at least you could have looked there to see where to photograph.

    Now I will have to wait for Jodi’s video to get a nice perspective of Santorini because you become too grumpy and stopped doing research before you get to a location.

  12. Honestly I feel like there were a good dozen or more frames from your B-roll video that would have been great landscape photos. I'm not sure what you were looking for, but it feels like you missed a lot looking for a preconception.

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