During a visit in October, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin described the new #refugee camp on the Greek island of #Samos as a “European model” for the reception of #asylum seekers. The #EU-funded Samos camp is closed and isolated – a far cry from overwhelmed reception centres such as the Moria camp on Lesbos, which was nicknamed the “camp of shame”. But the asylum procedure remains lengthy and refugees are surrounded by barbed wire and video surveillance. Meanwhile, migrants trying to make the sea crossing to Europe still face a perilous journey. On October 27, three children drowned off the coast of Chios when their dinghy sank. Our correspondents report.

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  1. it would seem that other european countries could learn from greece by keeping the illegal immigrants that have crossed their borders and captured in their country in prison and safely away from their legal citizens like whats shown here, bravo greece! for caring and FRANCE 24 for posting.

  2. These are not asylum seekers, these are opportunists, they want a Greek passport so they can travel to countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Italy in order to get social benefits. The E.U knows this so the make them stay in Greece. Unfortunately Greece who did not partake in any wars or caused any disturbance in any of these countries now or historically gets the shaft by being the bad guy. The media should be ashamed of themselves and correctly report, this is a one sided biased reportage in order to vilify Greece.

  3. Send them back. No one owes them anything. Enough of this. You don't fix the third world or anything by letting it pour in to ruin all the decent places. Send Catholic Charities the bill for housing and taking care of them, then send them back.

  4. These people have seen what the first world has to offer and became selfish. Go home and fix your own country. We are not responsible for you.

  5. How do these people from sub-saharan Africa arrive in Greece? They take a plane to Turkey which has removed visa restrictions and they board Turkish airlines- reminds in any way the Belarus situation?

  6. France criticises the UK for being a magnet for migrants, but these camps are also a magnet for them, as the conditions give them incentive to get into Europe. The only answer is for the EU to secure it's outer border against economic migrants.

  7. While EU and Turkey forces these people on Greece, they're letting Albania who funds groups like al queda and IS to start taking over Greek territory with all the blood money they made by not only killing Europeans, but by also being the cause of the refugee crisis.

  8. Option 1. Go back and fight for your country. Option 2. Look towards your brethren and compassionate muslim countries for their generosity and charity. Don't go to a country you and your ancestor didn't help to build seeking for their charity and sympathy.

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