I wanted to try making Kentucky fried plant-based foods over the weekend, I’ve never made seitan before so I reached out to an expert and followed his recipe with a few minor changes to keep it soy freee! Sit down and eat it with me at the end while I taste test it! I was very ill this week so sorry if I sound or look a little off!

Also, just to mention, as I said in the video, this isn’t healthy vegan food or something I’d eat regularly but if you’d like to see the foods I typically eat, check out my “what I eat in a day” videos 😀 X

Original recipe from Avant Garde Vegan!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed, I was really ill so sorry if my voice kept messing up at times lool! Also if you make this you do not need to punch the seitan like I did, I deffffooo got carried away! Xxxx

  2. Ive seen gaz cook seitan but I don’t really know what it is. You’ve made it look good. But it’s rather worrying something so tough is going into the gut. Mushrooms could work I assume. I’m not vegan but do follow you for creative vegetarian recipes

  3. Hello !
    I just love watching you! I don’t feel so lost as a young vegan now only seven months. Gazs is so awesome I watch him also and have his cook book! I too want to stay away from soy. Thank you for this look in to KFC across the pond as we we say In America. Please do a take on fake curry shrimp, oh and a Caribbean African mix this would be so great if all of those wonderful Spices from the islands and from the motherland

  4. KFC had to change their name to KFC because they werent selling actual chicken sooo…. dont complain about it not being "real" chicken. I also didnt go vegan because of cruelty to animals and it is not exceptionally high on my list of reasons to eat a plant based diet so the neigh sayers can keep that to themselves as well. Good video, Rachel!!!

  5. People are trifling!! There are an abundance of reasons why people STOP (or just don't) eat meat. That doesn't mean we don't like the FLAVOR (and crisp/crunch) of certain foods.

    I'm a new vegetarian because the last 3 weeks every time I had meat, I got sick. I'm 35 and have had meat my whole life. I just can't anymore. So vegetarian/vegan dishes it is.

  6. Love you &Gaz
    There's a few veganized recipes of the following that I didn't think mimic it well ? so I'd love to see your version
    Chicken wings(spicy)
    & nacho cheese


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