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Executive Producer: Laura Vogel / Winged Pup Productions
Editor: Emily Hughston Hoffman



  1. Thank you uploading healthy recipe and your voice always make me happy it is so soothing to hear plus your beautiful skin that I adore and I noticed your band aid in finger please be careful always love yah Laura all the way from Phillipines mwaah 😘

  2. I really appreciate the time you take to show us the dressing ingredients. Your early videos turned me on to the Umi plum vinegar and you changed my life with that. Also, the detail of not dressing the salad but presenting it In a beautiful vessel is a marvelous idea to really show off the meal as well as elevating the experience of having a salad for lunch or dinner. It's fancy. Thanks Laura. And thanks for not editing out your kids. We can all appreciate you celebrating with your kid going poopy. The timing was perfect and that's just life! Can't wait for next week's video!

  3. 😂 omg that was too cute at 1:37
    Loving the healthy recipes as usual – every one I’ve tried from you has been delicious! 🥗
    (Thank you for sharing Laura! 😀 🧡)

  4. Greek Salad is always a favorite in my family. I really love the presentation, it looks so colorful and beautiful.
    Also, children are of innocent and funny. We love to see the regular everyday happenings. You have a wonderful smile and laugh. I love that the camera operator just about lost it, with laughter too.

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