One for the weekend friends! We couldn’t take Gennaro all the way to Italy without indulging in this classic. This is also one of the recipes we had as a popular request for Gennaro to make from you guys! So here it is, super simple, super tasty, super Italian.

Gennaro in Italy
Over the coming months we will posting a series of Gennaro’s recipes from Italy, some of which you, the audience, have specifically asked for and others are Gennaro doing what the Italians do best – sourcing good ingredients and making simple, bold dishes with little effort and time involved.

Rather than cut these videos right down, we have left them a little longer and kept them relaxed. We think watching Gennaro in Italy is a glorious thing, and Gennaro does such a great job at being both inspiring and entertaining. So sit back and enjoy these as they roll out – we would love to know what you think.

Links from the video:

Sausage Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

Gennaro’s Truffle Tagliatelle

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  1. Italian verb 'Tirare' has the meaning of 'pull'. 'Mi' means 'me' and 'su' means 'up' in italian. 'Tira' is 3rd person singular form of 'Tirare', and it means 'he/she/it pulls'.
    So the name of 'Tiramisu' means 'it pulls me up' , which means-the deliciousness of it makes me to feel flowing up to the sky or whatever.
    Just for your information. Love you Gennaro from Korea!

  2. I love the enthusiasm M. Contaldo shows while he's cooking. I also love the simplicity (and the awesome taste) of this recipe. I always made mine with Marsala, so I gladly learned several things watching this video. Thanks !


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