This has been one of my most satisfying recipes in a long time… was not expecting it to turn out this good and had no idea it was this easy…I have eaten it 3 times today!!! No kidding!!! I have been putting honey on it and I honestly don’t think it will ever get old…I never thought I would be a yogurt eater but I stand corrected… plan to get some granola and blueberries soon!!! (Never thought I would say that either)…lol. Thanks for stopping by to see Jelly 007
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  1. Thanks for another great video! That's some good looking yogurt. And plain is best. I use Greek yogurt in tons of stuff. Replace sour cream with yogurt. Makes great tacos, etc. And I don't think the flavored yogurt would work as well. Thanks again!

  2. A very well done first attempt. You will get the process streamlined after a batch or two. One suggestion is to take the pot out when it tells you to starting the cool down process. Set it in the sink with cold water and cool it down to 100 degrees and then add the starter in and and put it back in the cooker for the fermentation process. Takes about 15 minutes to cool down. I add ice packs to the water to cool it faster. I make mine for 10 hours and start in the AM and transfer pot and all to the fridge overnight. I get the consistency I want in about 4 hours of straining. Time is not a major issue. If it gets too thick just stir some of the whey back in. I normally make Ranch Dressing with part of it so it needs to be less thick than the Greek. Don't forget to save a little for your starter for the next batch. There is no need to buy more for starter. I keep the whey and use it in making bread. My dog loves it in his food as well. Great video and thanks for sharing.

  3. I use the cold start method in the instant pot that has the yogurt button. Turns out wonderful! Try not to stir the yogurt before refrigerating. It breaks down the proteins which results in thinner yogurt. Love your videos!

  4. Wow- buy the needed ingredients… 8 hours here… another 8 hours there…. strain…. fridge again… fridge again… etc… You have to be die hard yogurt lovers to be doing all this instead of just grabbing some containers of yogurt out of your grocer freezer area for a few bucks! Thank you for showing the steps on this process but this is a feature I will never use.

  5. That looks like a great batch. Every brand of yogurt has a different culture. So you should try a few brands as the starter to see if you like one better. The recipe from Ninja called for the honey? I thought I was the only one using that. You know they say great minds think alike. But you should experiment adding anything you can think of. Any of the soda syrups from Sodastream will give you a different flavor. Fruit juice concentrate is particularly good. Pineapple is my favorite. Put the pineapple juice yogurt over some pineapple even. It’s really hard to go wrong if it’s something you like. Cookie crumbs over top, coconut mixed in; all good. Granola on top, on bottom or mixed in is real popular. Leave the Bourbon on the shelf, though. I haven’t liked the combo of yogurt and any liquor. But try it once if you must.

  6. Good job!! I use about 3 or 4 coffee filters instead of cheesecloth. I put the whey in my smoothies and pancake batter. It's all protein. Save some of this batch to make the next one. Each batch will get tangier.

  7. Thanks for this video! Been wanting to try this and I will this weekend. I don't have my Ninja Foodie Deluxe yet but I will use my Instant Pot. I look forward to all your videos!!

  8. I have never seen yogurt made or tried homemade..this was wonderful…How wise to put
    it through cheese cloth! And…I would have left out the honey & thought a bit about the
    vanilla bec personalizing is going to be great option. What a great video Double O…thank
    you soo much… The yogurt with probiotics you chose…fantastic…you can't get better
    than the ingredients you showed us that yogurt contained. Really enjoyed this from start
    to finish. I will make this for sure. Thumbs Up!


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