It’s easy to make Greek yogurt at home! This video will walk you through the steps and deliver simple tips for success. Once you learn how to make Greek yogurt you will probably never buy it again. This yogurt is so rich thick and creamy, and just a little tangy. Plus, it’s less expensive if you make it yourself.
From milk pour to straining this yogurt takes just about 10 minutes of actual prep time, and can be ready to eat the next morning. Give it a try and you will find yourself using it in smoothies, as a substitute for sour cream and as a great breakfast option. I’d love it if you would tag me in a photo of your first yogurt creation!
Happy yogurt making!
Lisa and YumYum

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Equipment used in this recipe——-

6 quart slow cooker
Stainless steel colander

#10 Cheesecloth

How to make Greek Yogurt
Recipe available at

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No Press No Cave, No Problem!

Remember to always sanitize your equipment before you begin the cooking process.




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