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In this Video I am sharing my recipe on how to make a Greek Tzatziki. This dish is quite famous in Greek and Balkan. This is another addition to my Tamil Food Vlog Channel

Tzatziki is certainly the most famous sauce or dip in Greek traditional cuisine. It is an incredibly delicious and refreshing sauce that can be made very quickly and simply.

Tzatziki is made of Greek-style (thick) yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, herbs like dill / mint and finally lemon jest in it. This Devine dip is easy and simple to prepare at home. The preparation time is 12 minutes.

Tzatziki is served as a side dish for crackers, pita breads and even with salads.

Yoghurt 300 gm ( 1.5 cup)
cucumber 1
Garlic 4 big cloves
Extra vergin olive oil 1 spoon
fresh dill chopped 1 spoon
fresh chopped mint 1 spoon
salt 1/2 tsp
pince black pepper Hope you enjoy the video.
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