I was amazed to discover how to make Greek salad we hadn’t yet tackled the Greek, or village, salad in this column. It seems a glaring omission for what is clearly a bola fide summer classic – or, if you’re Nigel la Lawson, an “abominated fixture in the culinary canon which helps in keto diet knows how to make greek salad no appetite for retro-chic can make cool” – a description which forces me to sadly acknowledge my own terminal coolness. Ripe red tomatoes and cooling cucumber, rich olives and salty feta – I’m not sure I can better Nigel Slater’s description of it as “the ultimate high-summer salad … best eaten with sand between your toes and salt on your lips”.
and keto diet
In fact, it is so beautifully simple that it’s a tough one to get wrong,how to make greek Salad sand or no sand. That said, it’s pretty rare to get one outside Greece that really knocks your socks off. Anyone can make an OK Greek salad, but how do you keto diet do this classic justice?



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