Ever wanted to make traditional Greek Cookies? Well so do I, but I gave up and decided to make non traditional and create a more of an inspired by recipe. Here is 1 base recipe that you can tweak and make into 3 kinds of inspired by Greek Cookies. I was inspired by Kourabiedes, melomakarona and Koulourakia.

Koulourakia are a traditional Greek dessert, typically made around Easter to be eaten after Holy Saturday. They are a butter-based pastry, traditionally hand-shaped, with egg glaze on top. They have a sweet delicate flavor with a hint of vanilla

The melomakarono is an egg-shaped Greek dessert made mainly from flour, olive oil, and honey. Along with the kourabies it is a traditional dessert prepared primarily during the Christmas holiday season.

Kourabiedes or Kourabiethes are almond biscuits or cookies popular in Greece, Cyprus, and Greek communities in Anatolia, as well as across the Greek diaspora. They are related to numerous other biscuits known as qurabiya or similar names found in Ottoman and Persian cuisine.

I originally made this recipe last christmas. And its become a favourite.


Originally filmed for my other channel youtube.com/whatchef
This is a new edit and sound design for this episode.