Make Greek style olives with lactic fermentation. Fresh olives must be cured before they are edible. Learn how to cure your own olives, it’s easy! This style of curing is suitable for both green olives and black olives.

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  1. Don't tell me an organic gardener used hot tap water for food prep! Hot water has much higher lead levels than cold water. I would have drawn cold water and heated it on the stove until the salt dissolved.

  2. In the last month after 5 curing months refresh the salty water and add 1 chicken or beef bouillon cube (or make two different cans with different taste) . It will give a nice aftertaste to the olives.

  3. Im from portugual we have loads of of olives part of our food as a starter, let me give u some tips
    Dont use tap water, use bottle water. The clorine in the tap water makes the olives soft
    Wash ur olives well before anything, u can even leave them for a week in cold water before u cure them with water and salt in a jar but change the water at least once a day, that helps take the bitter taste that the olive skin contains. To know the right amount of sea salt to add to the water get a fresh egg and once u have put a certain amount of salt the egg will rise to the surfice and float, u dont want the egg folating totaly on the surfice of the water have 1cm space.
    Add some lemon, garlic and i dont know how to say it in english but we put folha de louro. U should also add a bit of white apple vinger to the salty water helps cure the olives faster wich can take from 4 to 6 months dependes on how u lile the taste the longer they stay in water the less bitter they will be. Tjeres mpre tips but i tired of typing

  4. Hey Tricia! I have a tall glass jar where I placed a kilogram of olives, 1st brine with the method you show. I cover the jar with cling film. When I will put the 2nd brine, how should I close the jar? If it is sealed with cling film will the olives not be cured? Btw, it's my first time curing olives. Thanks for your video!

  5. This technique looks so easy! I've been wanting to grow olives for their medicinal properties but sadly, it's too cold here in Indiana. 🙁 Do you know if there is any variety of olive that can grow in this region or a green house friendly type?


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