🍃🍃🍃Let me show you how to cook and eat a MEDITERRANEAN FEAST step-by-step. 100% vegan. All recipes here can be made oil-free except the garlic mayo.

📺make sure to watch in 4K📺
1st half of each video is cooking, second half is eating what I cook.

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  1. Unbelievable!! You are the first I have seen to make an entire feast in one video!!🥰💥⭐⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟very impressive!!greetings from Washington state!!!!!WOW!! 🤙THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!

  2. your recipes are actually quite good ! a few comments i have: the salad that's certainly not tabouli and no one ever adds garlic and black pepper to their salad and u need some vinegar there. fettouch needs fried or baked bread in it otherwise it's not fettouch.
    your falafel is overcooked lower the oil temp
    and mu-ja-da-ra is made w 2/1 lentil to rice ratio you did the opposite
    and lastly instead of water add yogurt to your tahini sauce
    good job anyway

  3. Came across this randomly while looking at falafel recipes and as an Arab who grew up with this food, I am very impressed! Most of the recipes were spot-on and authentic. We have fought civil wars over recipe variations, so I'm sure you'll get some complainers. Ignore them and do your thing.

    We do need to talk about how to pronounce mujadara sometime, but considering how huge this spread was, you should be proud!

    I'd rather people make and eat our food and pronounce it wrong than not even try it at all. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I just ate some steel cut oats for breakfast for the first time recently. And the first thing I thought of was Tabouli, because I’m also Gluten Free. I really miss Tabouli so I’m going to try this recipe and add the steel cut oats! Delicis!

  5. Not all Mediterranean countries use the same recipes, when someone states "Mediterranean cuisine" it means they share a lot of core ingredients but not necessarily recipes. There is no traditionally Mediterranean recipes, the traditional part equates to the recipe owner of a specific country not the group itself.

  6. I love the realism of your videos. Each ingredient is not pre-prepared and nicely arranged each in its own white spotless bowl. Instead, this is what cooking really looks like. However, I just made it to the end of your video and think that individual serving spoons for each dish might work better than one spoon licked clean in between digging into each dish.


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