The recipe is a healthy mixture of fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and honey. No refined sugar. No bad fats. And it tastes good, with the flavors of both blueberry muffins and banana bread. And some people tell me my videos have an ASMR quality.



  1. This recipe did not work for me. All of the blueberries sank to the bottom of the bread and it was very heavy. Perhaps I should have coated the blueberries with flour before gently folding into the batter.

  2. i have eaten probably 10,000 pieces of banana bread in my life. my girlfriend constantly fills the freezer with any overripe bananas that dont get eaten. they are easy to extract from the skin later after thawing. she has been recently making her own yogurt as well. so this is perfect. going to recommend it right away. great video! BTW you truly gilded the lily with that cream cheese – nice move!

  3. Thanks for the recipe Dennis, this looks delicious. There are so many wonderful and tasty variations to banana bread. I like to make mine with chocolate chips and cinnamon.  I will definitely try the blueberries and greek yogurt next time.  It is also such a great way to use up extra bananas that are getting ripe.

  4. Your oatmeal banana bread has been my new favorite – but it may be overtaken by this recipe. I can't help myself…must have walnuts or pecans in whatever banana bread I make. Thank you for another winner!

  5. Hi Dennis, I really love the ease of this banana and blueberry loaf. I make a wonderful banana bread also but I need to try this, I've never tried a recipe with Greek yoghurt. Looks so good. Enjoy!

  6. I have mine in the oven right now. But…i only had sour cream so used that instead of yogurt. I did not have anything but self rising flour so used that. Had fresh blueberries so used them. Did not have honey so used sugar with all the same measurements recommended. We will see what happens. I may be having blueberry banana cake in a loaf pan. The blueberry banana combo is gonna rock this. Will make it again with correct ingredients the next time.

  7. Just love banana bread topped with either warmed maple syrup and/or mascarpone cheese. Great desert any time of the year. The blueberry addition makes this a health food. Keep up the great work Denis. Simple explanations make your cooking easy to follow and your printed recipe are a wonderful assistance to have when reproducing at home. Its is so nice you add the metric measurements for us.


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