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  1. Serial season 1 and Up and Vanished were both good. On Netflix you would probably like Dear Zachary and Making a Murderer. Some of the cases I find really interesting are Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias, Jon Benet, and the West Memphis Three.

  2. You have to listen to Up and Vanished… it was a cold case and through out the guys podcast investigation they solve the fricken crime! So you’re learning about the case like in real time. The same guy has a new podcast out called Atlanta Monster as well. But I adore My Favorite Murder!

  3. I am also super into true crime stories, and murder related stuff. When I was kid my dad told me about a Montreal murderer that he grew up with and ever since I've been interested in famous serial killers, and docs on homocides. So get this; in the late 70s this man names billy Fyfe (William Patrick Fyfe) killed the first of 5 of his victims at 24. He was a woman killer who preyed on middle-aged women specifically. He would pose a handyman and once in their homes would kill them. He went on to kill his only friend's mother, hazel scatalon (this friend of fyfe was also a friend of my dad). until his death, everyone assumed that hazel's husband was the one who killed her. At some point the police caught on (I think he left some DNA behind his last victim) and Fyfe escaped out of Montreal. He actually turned himself in. There unfortunately isn't much on him, but its crazy.

  4. I have been obsessed with crime dramas/true crime since my dad used to watch British police TV show ‘The Bill’ with me when I was little. I grew up watching British crime drama series like Poriot, Rosemary & Thyme and Misomer Murders. If you’re looking for another good true crime podcast ‘Generation Why’ might be worth a listen! It’s my favourite! As for ‘favourite’/most captivating cases, I think it has to be the Jeremy Bamber case (White House Farm murders) and the Christopher Foster (Oswestry) case, but the latter might just be because it happened near to where I live. I remember my best friend telling me about the Jon Benet case on New Years Day 2014 and me watching everything I could on it and being paralysed with fear when staying at her flat in London, I literally could not move from bed. If you have time to watch a movie, watch ‘There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane’, that’s brilliant! Off the top of my head, the Amanda Knox, Madeleine McCann, Thompson & Venebles (you HAVE to look at this one!!!) and Lawrence deLisle cases are so mind boggling/engaging.

  5. I liked Serial when it came out and but after exploring more true crime podcasts I just think that it's VERY overrated, season 2 was totally boring for me honestly. I'm really into true crime books and shows as well, mostly murders and kidnappings, like the Ariel Castro kidnappings, Jaycee Lee Dugard, Natasha Kampusch, Elizabeth Smart, Adam Walsh, Cynthia Jaramilloand the Toybox murders etc etc. I'm seriously considering going back to school for Criminology.

  6. Christopher Wilder, the Manson family murders, Richard Grissom, Julie Scully Nist…I think you may find this one interesting…she left her life in NJ to move to Greece…just think you'd find the descriptions of the areas in Greece interesting…it's all fascinating yet horrible.

  7. I love murder podcast! I'm obsessed with "sword and scale" . The host does a really good job at narrating the stories, and I always find myself listening to episodes during road trips or just around the house. You look gorgeous in this video btw! 🙂

  8. Hi Allie! I'm definitely more of a ghost viewer (I should really comment more) but I've been watching you for as long as I can remember so I always get so excited when you post car vlogs! I'll definitely have to check out My Favourite Murder as I love true crime, it's just so interesting! But KendallRae makes true crime/missing persons case videos and I find she does a great job at telling the background of each case. You may know of her already but I just thought I'd mention it! Anyways keep doing what you do here because I live for your videos!! 🙂

  9. I’ve tried to get into this podcast a bunch of times and I just can’t ? they talk waaaay too much. Maybe it’s just the couple episodes I’ve listened too. I freaking love true crime. I think I was a detective in my past life lol.


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