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  1. Yeeyyyy ate garnettt 21 minutes na gyud imong vlog ahahahah tanan vlog nimo hurot gyud nako duha ka adlawa hahaha wlay klase pa gyud kay sea game wahhhh😍😆 i love you ate garnet continue your vlogging till mag ka anak namo wahhh dako kay akong ngisi abot dunggan ppa makatan aw ko sa inyong vlogg wahh

  2. Hahaha….you looks so young kasi kaya dapat bring your ID all the time. Thanks for the cooking tips, i must make a moussaka too one of these days, one of my favourite recipe. God bless inday garnet and dodong daniel…

  3. 😂Short height problems I feel you, everytime I am going to bar with my friends the guard always asking my age if they still not believing I show to them my Identification Card, 🤣


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