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Learn to make this delicious and savory Egg with Lemon soup, at Henry’s Kitchen. Featuring “Squeeze the Lemonos”, a new experimental electronic song by maestro José Suicidio. Check out all Henry’s Kitchen videos on his youtube channel!



  1. Hey Henry, I think I saw you at Disneyland a year and a half ago. It was at the entrance line, you were eating a peanut butter cookie and I was in line behind you but I was too starstruck to bother you

  2. Ohhh Henry… you need to put more often.. Your my favorite and should be in the millions of subs by now. Where can I get an apron BTW. . Love and support from Canada

  3. Henry, I noticed that your hair style changed multiple times during the production of this video. I rather enjoyed hairstyle #3. The others, not so much. I also would like you to know, for scientific purposes, that I squeezed my lemon exactly five times during the video and only produced approximately two tablespoons. Am I doing something wrong?


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