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Healthy Ranch Chicken Salad
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Gluten free

1 lb: Chicken breast

1: Avocado
3/4 cup: Cherry or grape tomatoes
2 tbsp: Chives, Fresh
1/3 cup: Corn, Fresh or canned
1 tbsp: Dill, Fresh
1/2: English cucumber
2 Cloves: Garlic
4 cups: Greens, Packed
2 tbsp: Onion
1 tbsp: Parsley, Fresh
1/4: Red onion, Small

1 tbsp: Dijon mustard
2 tsp: Lemon juice

Baking & spices
1: Sea salt and pepper

Oils & vinegars
1 tbsp: Olive oil

1 cup: Greek yogurt, Plain non-fat
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