Today’s guest is professional traditional and cannabis chef Jaron Brounson. Jaron is a native of Indianapolis, IN, but currently resides with his wife and children in Phoenix, AZ. He is a business owner and is an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Be sure to follow this good brother on IG, FB and Snapchat.

FB: Jaron Brounson (Chef Ja-Ron)
SnapChat: thatchefjaron
IG: thatchefjaron
Stay tuned for our new cooking show with Chef Jaron & GreekSpeech COMING SOON!!!

The purpose of GreekSpeech is to rediscover historical aspects of collegiate fraternal (sorority) Greek culture via intellectual dialogue and debate. This Podcast is dedicated to rediscovering the “why” of individuals choose to join BGLO’s. More importantly to take us back to the foundation of what the founders of these organizations had in mind from the outset.

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