The historic town of Tarpon Springs has the highest percentage of Greek Americans in any city in the US. India Rose spent the day exploring the sponge docks, learning about the early Greek immigrants that built the sponge industry in this area. Tarpon Springs was once known as the “sponge capital of the world”.

Our family then headed down to the bayou to witness the Greek Orthodox Epiphany celebrations, a tradition dating back 113 years in the Tarpon Springs area. The Archbishop and other clergy gather to bless the bayou, before casting a golden cross into the waters. Local boys aged 15-18 then dive into the bayou to retrieve the cross. The young man that finds the cross is blessed by the Archbishop and said to have good luck all year. This celebration draws thousands of people from around the United States. After the “cross day” ceremony we visited a small chapel, the reported site of many miracles. Please read this article if you wish to know the story behind the Shrine of St Michael…
The lady that kissed India’s forehead is Goldie Parr, the sweetest lady!

We finished the day at The National Bakery, where India tried baklava for the first time, a traditional Greek pastry. Such a busy day! Thank you so much to the wonderful Greek community in Tarpon Springs, for sharing your beautiful culture and hospitality with us. We had a great day!

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  1. I can imagine myself walking there too… it's definitely my kind of place. India is always so sweet everywhere she goes and people can see her beautiful bright light (that makes me happy).
    Those were the cutest bites (I can see she really liked it).
    Thank you for another great family moment. I'm 26, but watching your videos make me wonder if I'm ready or if I have the enough tools to have children… Wow! Big questions right? 😊
    Oh well, the most important thing right now is that I enjoy watching you having a great time and for that I'm grateful.
    As always you choose the perfect music and the perfect timing. It helps a looooot to get involved even more into your awesome adventures.
    Keep having a great time and enjoy your weekend.🙌

  2. This was great! I like SpongeBob, but now I appreciate real sponges! (Here’s a Youtube I liked: Thanks for your detailed description of the Epiphany celebration, and other background info including the excellent TampaNews article. My favorite part (besides the baklava, yum!) was India’s kiss from Goldie, who reminded me of my Sicilian Grandma. I think the kiss was a good luck blessing for India.

  3. Interesting. I found what the lady said about sponges there were able to be rinsed of any bacteria eyebrow-raising. We were always warned about using sponges since they retained the" nasties" which made us sick. I guess that was bc they weren't natural. Baklava has to be one of my favorite treats ever! Great video! Thank you.


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