I saw Ja Rule ‘s Papa Cristo Commercial / Ad the other day and I dropped the video I was making, in order to react to this.

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Rapper Ja Rule decided to make a commercial for a Greek Restaurant in Los Angeles and upload it in what appears to be his channel, ” Bringing Down The Band ” . As a Greek Person, I thought it might be interesting to share my thoughts about this ad with you.

Internet Historian’s ” The Failure of Fyre Festival ”

Music Used:

Dimaa – The Roaring Twenties [Electro swing 2016]

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  1. Subs Available, Socials Available , just check the Description!

    If you have any other Greek Stuff you want me to react to, let me know below, I enjoyed dusting off my Greek Accent 😀

  2. Ja gets props for this. He did it for free and did it all himself to help out small mom and pop restuarant/business that lost money due to covid19. He used what lil fame and followers he has to help out small businesses. This is real. Free commercial for that spot and everyone talking about it. He did a good thing and now the whole world knows about papa cristo. He earned my respect back. Think im lying check the link

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