Simple ingredients come together to make one of the most flavorful soups I’ve ever had! Greek Meatball Soup is new to me and it was shocking how easy it is to make. It truly is comfort food without all the calories! 👇👇👇 CLICK FOR RECIPE & DETAILS 👇👇👇


You can find the written recipe on The Salted Pepper’s Website:

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The products I used in this video:

Large slotted spoon to remove meatballs:

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Ninja Foodi 101:

Ninja Foodi Fresh & Healthy Meals:





  1. Hello Louise. I use my ninja foodie more since finding your channel. You explain the steps very well. I also season some meats differently since watching you-LOL!!! The thing is my family really likes the change in seasoning to the dishes. Thank you for being such a great recipe teacher especially for the Ninja Foodi.

  2. Hey Louise, When I saw this today, I made my shopping list. I came home and made this recipe. It was delicious. I think my lemons were very big compared to yours so it was very lemony. Also, my ground beef was a bit too sticky, so I added a tiny amount of bread crumbs. In all, this recipe is a keeper. I also made a pot of Orzo because it does go well with these ingredients. I put some Orzo in a dish and put the soup on top. Wow!!!!Thank you so much

  3. Hey Louise. Been meaning to ask you for a while. I’ve noticed throughout your vids it looks like in the background you have some type of egg holding contraption behind you. Do you refrigerate or leave your eggs out at room temperature? Just curious…

  4. My mother used rice as a filler…. instead of crackers ,was really really good, if you turn the heat up and let that cook it would thicken up, to create a soup, that's the way cornstarch works and I've used it for years.. corn starch is mixed with cold water then added to a hot liquid to thicken soups broths etc that's the way it thickens soups and or broth.


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