With the help of Nick the spit master we show you how to marinate and prepare Greek Gyros and then how to cook it on a charcoal spit.
I used 7 kg of lamb shoulder and 7kg of chicken thigh which is enough to feed 20 people.
Nick has shared his marinate recipe, however you can adjust the quantities to your taste.
Nick the Spit Master’s secret Gyros spice mix:
Mix spices together into a jar.
• 2 tbs Chicken spice
• 2 tbs Steak spice
• 2 tbs Cumin
• 1 tbs Paprika ground
• 1tbs Garlic powder
• 2 tbs Parsley dried
• 4 tbs Oregano dried
• 4 tbs Thyme dried
• 2 tbs Chicken spice
• 2 tbs Steak spice
• 1 tbs Salt
• 1/2 tbs Black pepper
Add the spices and two tins of crushed tomatoes into a tub or in this case the meat bags, mix well and allow to marinade overnight or 24hrs, the longer the better.
It will take 1.5hrs before the meat starts to cook on the spit. You do the first cut and then every 15 mins or when the gyros has browned.
Nick the spit master uses a serrated bread knife to cut 1/4 inch deep slices .



  1. I can tell that he has done this many times before, very professional getting the heat right and making sure that the meat is all cooked at the same time. It looked delicious.

  2. they are fcking thieves..stolen everything from turkey..they lived 600 years under ottomans and now,they are stealing everything..because of this,they have great debts..this thing is döner kebab and it's belong to turkey.like sucuk,baklava,yoghurt e.t.c..

  3. Wow. Great video.
    Are you Greek or Australian?
    Unfortunately I don't have enough friends to eat 14kg of meat so I'll try a smaller scale later this month on my charcoal souvla.
    All the best.

  4. When I was a kid I always ate gyros at a local Greek restaurant. However, it was always 100% lamb meat. Has this changed over the years? Even when I lived in Germany, it wasn't lamb meat. The white cucumber sauce was an excellent balancer for the gamey taste of lamb!


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