Join us for a Greek Food Review as we try all kinds of traditional Greek dishes and some local Santorini dishes at our favorite restaurant in Santorini, Greece: “Stamna Garden Taverna.” We ate at this restaurant in Santorini for our first Greek meal and we ended up coming back several more times. We were made to feel like family with excellent service and great food. The waiters remembered our names along with our ordering preferences and additionally brought some kind of free service (dessert or drinks) with every meal. The following is a list of the Greek Food items we sampled:

1) Gyro Platter
2) Baked Feta Cheese
3) Santorini Fava Beans
4) Alpha Beer
5) Greek Yoghurt for Dessert

Greek Restaurant in Santorini Information:

Stamna Garden Taverna
Greek Restaurant
Address: Danezi M, Thira 847 00, Greece
Hours: Monday to Sunday 8a.m.–11:30p.m.
Phone: +30 2286 021860

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Greek Food Review | Trying Traditional Greek Dishes in Santorini, Greece Travel Food Video Transcript:

This is part of our Travel in Greece video series showcasing Greek food, Greek culture and Greek cuisine.

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  1. vosostros seran griegos en un par de dias como mucho , vuestro sangre esta herviendo , sangre caliente griego esta absorviendo vvosotros . Audrey mi amor como te gusta engullar de comida , que tragona eres!

  2. May I please recommend you try metxai mas in Exo Gonia the most traditional place a must authentic proper taverna local the best Greek food of your life if you have a chance please go amazing location you need a car worth it this is the best place in Santorini to eat

  3. I would like to take the moment to thank you both for such amazing videos. I love and watch both of your English and Spanish channels! Just enjoy the different perspectives, wish I had found you sooner! You guys are too cute together. Me da risa cuando Audrey está filmando y trata de como que de dirigir a Samuel y el tan humilde responde siempre con gentileza. (No sé si me dejo entender.) Pero bueno, espero algun dia no muy lejano poder visitar Europa! Btw, do you guys have any travel tips or itinerary ideas for someone who wants to visit multiple cities with a child? Starting in Lisbon, then Spain, France and Italy. 1 month total. Thank you so much! Love you guys xx

  4. I make the scrambled eggs with tomato and fetta at home! It's so yummy especially when you used your own garden tomatoes. We have dolmades quite often as well but I haven't tried making them yet! Fetta is an absolute staple in our household! We are so lucky in Australia, we eat like this all the time. Did you know that Melbourne has the greatest population of Greeks outside of Athens? I'm sure someone will correct me it that's no longer the case. X

  5. 😍 lovely! I was in Santorini last year and I really enjoy the food, I am in love with the lamb gyro , ahhh!😋😋I just want to come back! Thanks for sharing your experience. We spent 30 days in Europe and gained 15 pounds 😫😩😳….. ja! The food was amazing!

  6. I am watching this video at 1 am in Germany at a temperature of still 27°C or 80°F and enjoy my Ouzo drunken in the Greek style. 1 part of Ouzo with 4 parts of ice-cold water with lots of ice-cubes. The first Greek "guest-workers" came to Germany in the 60's of the last century. Lots of them stayed and some have opened up Greek restaurants which I still appreciate nowadays.

  7. Greek cuisine is absolute heaven. And it's always a dilemma in Greece what to eat. I want to eat everything. And aside from it's wonderful flavors, and it's many very healthy dishes, the colors are also vibrant and and diverse

  8. I really love your channel guys, my number one favorite Travel video on youtube. Always honest, inspiring, educating and open mind. Keep up the good work!

  9. "Chez Sam'n'Audrey" – that is def what you should name your first born – or alternatively the restaurant you open somewhere down the line, when the old feet start to drag….:-)… know what they say. Do what you love..:-)

  10. Food looked sensational. I adore Greek food especially Gyro. Like the Indian Thali restaurant, loyal as always for repeat visits!. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Everything looks so amazing! Though the vine leaves and feta cheese definitely looks like the best. I've made baked feta cheese at home (though it didn't look exactly like this one) and it is amazing! Feta cheese makes everything better!


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