Hey Guys! Today Honey & Alysia are feasting on some yummy Greek Food! On the menu we have: Chicken Wrap, LOUKANIKO (Italian Sausage), Feta Grecian Potatoes, and Spanakopita. Get you some!!

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  1. Hey Honeylicious and Alysia!! We love Greek Food.. and Tzatziki is so good!! Even though we don't eat dairy!! Butters celebrated Greek Easter with Greek friends in Australia a long time ago.. and the spread they had was amazing.. Her friends mom brought fresh home made Tzatziki that was in a dark closet, in a cheesecloth! LOLOL Once a week go Greek!!! We can't believe that you ordered Cheese but didn't get any… that's right girl.. #CheckTheBag! We haven't tried filming in public yet, because we don't like the stares at all!! LOL We were dying at the story about the paying with money and getting change.. LOL you were grossed out. We are surprised you don't have a whole purse full of wet wipes, or alcohol wipes!! LOLOL Babysitting your own kid!! We can't believe they are teaching 1st Graders about Benjamin Franklin and the Revolutionary war!! Kids don't even get the chance to be kids anymore. Butters LOVES Baklava.. and used to really love Spanikopita!! Those cake slices looked beautiful at the end, but sorry you ran out of space!! Great video girls!! Sorry you're mad at life!! LOL Lots of love to you! <3

  2. I love Greek food it’s so tasty 😍😍👌🏼 those things are pronounced (Luke-a-mud-ess) at least that’s what I learnt from my Greek friends lol

  3. Honey is my family is like that. When we take kids in the family you handled it vice versa no money was exchanged even if we tried to. I get my cousin's son who is the same name as my twin boys and my brothers twice a month for the weekend no money exchanges hands and these boys man they can eat and they want full meals not snacks but full meals every two hours and I got 4 kids so my house is packed those weekends lol😂😂🤣🤣😫😫

  4. heyyyyyy…..yes greek food yum……LOL "that sound like a disease" i fell out…LOL used dollars, you like them dollars that are hard to separate from each other lol…..i cant tell the difference between marvel or dc lol they all super heros to me lol…..lol your voice did drop lol….awww man that desert did look good #youtuberlife

  5. Wassup my beautiful friends eating Greek food huh and ya didn't even invite me or Zeus lol. Zeus and me might have to have our own mukbang😂. Anyway let me stop excellent job you 2.😂😂☺😀😋😘❤❤

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