GREEK STREET FOOD IN ATHENS – Best Greek Yoghurt & Top Cream, Classic Greek Coffee, Grilled Octopus & Squid, Visit of Ancient Agora of Athens, Spicy Souvlaki & Traditional Loukoumades – Ultimate Food Tour in Athens, Greece 2022



Welcome to Food Mood on YouTube! In this series, I’m exploring the incredible food scene in Athens. This is the second video in my informative guide to some of the best Greek street food, restaurants and desserts in the ancient city of Athens. If this video has been helpful for you, please slam that subscribe button hehe

In this video, I’m introducing you to the food culture of Athens including fresh dairy products (Greek yoghurt and top cream!), grilled seafood direct from the central market, spicy souvlaki and traditional loukoumades. I also visit the Ancient Agora of Athens which has one of the best-preserved temples in all of Greece.


This is everything I ate:

🐄 Stani || Total 9.60 EUR
– Greek Yoghurt, Honey, Walnuts 9/10
– Top Cream & Honey 9/10
– Greek Coffee with Milk 8/10

🦑 To Steki Tou Maki || Total 23.00 EUR
– Grilled Short Fin Squid 8/10
– Grilled Octopus 8.5/10

🌯 Lefteris O Politis || Total 4.00 EUR
– 2x Spicy Souvlaki 9/10

🍯 Ktistakis || Total 3.50 EUR
– Loukoumades 9/10


Video Notes
– The octopus and squid I ordered from To Steki Tou Maki were fresh from the market but had previously been frozen – this was clearly indicated on the menu and I forgot about this when filming the video. It was bloody good though! 🐙
– At the time of filming, COVID-19 regulations in Athens stipulated that the wearing of masks was mandatory indoors and outdoors. My mask was removed only to eat and speak to the camera so that’s why you’ll see it under my chin 😷
– I’ve upgraded from the iPhone (yay!) for my YouTube videos and am now using a Sony ZV E10 which I’m currently learning how to use. I apologise for the focus and stabilisation issues during this video. Thank you for your patience 🎥


I’m Jason Vaughan, food lover and world traveller! I travel to photograph and make videos showcasing local and authentic foods across Europe and the rest of the world. My mission is to help people eat the best food possible and make their travel experiences even better. I’m an Australian based in London who has eaten in over 28 countries. I’ve begun my filming journey in Portugal and Greece and will soon be heading to Italy. Thank you for your support and see you on the next episode! 🌍



  1. Hi, thank you for the video! As a Greek, I'd like to point out that the θράψαλο (thrapsalo) you ate at around 7:55 is not a squid, it's their own species and to put it bluntly, it's poor man's squid. Like caviar, you have the real thing and a substitute, thrapsalo is the substitute of real squid, but still very tasty and affordable 🙂

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