Our dad Nikos, the wine maker at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm, has asked mom Helen to show him how she preserves the fresh vine leaves, in order to use them at a later time to cook “dolmadakia” (which will be our next virtual cooking lesson… so stay tuned!).
This gave us the idea of sharing this knowledge with you and creating a virtual tour of how to process and preserve vine leaves.

At present you may have no idea how to use the vine leaves, but at our next virtual cooking lesson mom will be showing the making of “dolmadakia”, a recipe you definitely need to try. One of the most delicious and typical Greek food!

If you are in Mykonos and want to cut fresh and organic vine leaves, simply drop us an email and visit us at our vineyard in Maou, Ano Mera (check our website www.mykonosvioma.com)

A few words about our vineyard:
Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm is the only historic vineyard of Mykonos. The property has historically belonged to the Tourliani monastery of Ano Mera. Our dad has rejuvenated it, planting local grape varieties and has been making organic wine since 1994.
Nowadays, we produce 4 types of wine: “Paraportiano” white & red dry wines, “Veggera in rose”, first introduced at the market in 2019, and “Heliofilos” our naturally sweet traditional wine of Mykonos.

You can visit our vineyard in order to savor our house wines accompanied by local, traditional “mezze” (i.e. tapas) at our open-air porch, away from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos town. You can have an authentic farm-to-table experience, tasting our organic veggies from our garden too! You may also join our free vineyard tour, so as to learn more about our biodynamic cultivation method and Mykonos’ culture. You may interact with our farm animals, our sociable donkey and sheep, our playful goats, but also rabbits, chickens, turkeys, dogs and cats. We can also show you how to cook “tzatziki”, another traditional dish.
Finally you may purchase our wines directly from the producer.

At our vineyard / family business you come as a guest and you leave as a friend!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next video:

How to cook the traditional and super yummy Greek recipe “dolmadakia” (i.e. stuffed vine leaves).
Also send us your comments and questions concerning this video at mykonosvioma@gmail.com 🙂

The Mykonos Vioma family wishes you to enjoy healthy food and home cooking 🙂