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  1. beautiful girl with eyes like the color of the sea. I see that you are very inclined to oriental sweets. What do you think about coming to Morocco to eat delicious sweets such as baklava with peanuts that you have not tried yet, it is very delicious🤩🥰

  2. i am so curious how chocolate tastes in some kind of ordinary pastries🤔 i do not like chocolate so i do not buy chocolate pastries but i know the flavour and i am just curious if it tastes like nutella or if it is lots more poor flavour?🤪 i mean that you know that flavour of boring chocolate😅

  3. i exactly knows the taste of cream so i am not really curious about them as much as i am curious about that bread type!!🤩 bougatsa reminds me about an ordinary french pastry🤪

  4. Watching your videos since last year, when my medical problems got really bad. You’ve helped make a really tough time feel less lonely. Than you for sharing and spreading joy ☺️💕


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