Greece’s economy has taken a huge hit during the pandemic, and the tourist-reliant country is eager to welcome back foreigners in a post-pandemic world.

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  1. Greece becomes the first country that uses the latest asymptomatic infection COVID-19 science to jumpstart tourism by testing tourists on-site on arrival and therefore removes the need for 14 days quarantine at destination

    On 27th April, our EUvsVirus XR proposal [ was designed from ground up to adhere to the latest asymptomatic infection COVID-19 science by recommending on-site testing at origin airport. This is one of our 3 proposed SAFE tourism concepts.

    This assures a "back to pre-covid-19 [normal flight] without mask and physical distancing inside airplane throughout the journey.

    I could imagine that at this point of time, not every country and airport is prepared for this coordination with the Greece airport.

    However, any airport that performs on-site testing before allowing tourists boarding flight to Greece will differentiates not only the airport, but the airport's country and airline among the international tourists desperately seeking a SAFE tourism destination such as Greece.

    Greece is positioning as the first mover to pioneer SAFE tourism by testing on-site on arrival without 14 days quarantine.

  2. Greece putting itself on lockdown early hence the low deaths. People commenting to not travel to Greece this year are being paid to say so. The beaches are packed and the summer is going to be buzzing. Stop letting fear propaganda shape your mind and travel wherever you want.

  3. Please don't come in Greece this summer. We don't have enough intensive care units. And if you catch the virus on a small island, there is no hospital there. Stay safe where you are.

  4. FYI Greece most probably has low rates because of the early lockdown measures. The health system is on the brink of collapse, after 10 years of economic crisis. Hospital do not have enough doctors, equipment and i tensive care units to care of greek people let alone some millions of visitors.
    We, greeks, are aware of this reality and that is why we stayed inside. Don't be misleaded by advertisements, even if these are disguised as journalism.. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

  5. Good job with this story.

    Would love to visit Greece. There's a video series by Peter Maneas titled "My Greek Odyssey." Beautiful Greek islands and coastal towns. So much of our heritage – language, art, philosophy, architecture – originated there.

    Unfortunately, I can't see going to Greece or similar tourist spots for at least five years. The testing and restrictions and limitations have killed my enthusiasm for travel.

  6. Definitely hoping the tourism returns to these countries! I live in the Philippines and I’m REALLY hoping for a comeback cuz so many people depend on the tourism industry for jobs! I’ll definitely be supporting local destinations like Boracay and Palawan too!

  7. plexi glass on beach? that's the same as the baby fences they're selling people for venice beach and santa monica. no u can't have ur own space of beach. u will come across people as u enter water that's it yet when u shop in an asile in the grocery store, eventually ur gonna have to pass an aisle with someone in it and if they have the virus ur fucked so this is all pointless. ur more likely to get sick in the grocery store which tells me gyms should be open! they are essential. people have mental disorders and are killing themselves. theres obesity ect… theses people need gyms, rehabbing people need gyms. when i broke my back the gym helped me recover 10x faster then i would of just walking or staying home. i'm supposed to be paralyzed yet we can't have a gym open? please! this government has cost so many families to lose their businesses all for politics.

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