In this video, I will show you how to make this delicious delicate mousse cake!

Time to make: About 1 day. Start by making mousse in morning (set in fridge for about 5 hours), make sponge cake while the mousse is setting, then, after the two are assembled and chilling in the freezer, make the gel and pour over (see video for more details).

Sponge cake:
-250g eggs
-75g olive oil
-10g baking powder
-150g flour
-190g granulated sugar
-100g milk
-1/4 teas vanilla extract
-1/4 teas cardamom
-Pinch of salt

Honey mousse cake:
-215g greek yogurt
-50g honey
-1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
-3g gelatin powder
-1/2 teas water
-100g white chocolate
-180g heavy whipping cream (35%)
-2 tbsp granulated sugar

Chamomile gel glaze:
-7g sugar
-1 tbsp honey
-10g gelatin powder
-1 tbsp water
-3 chamomile tea bags
-320g hot water



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