Hi there,
This is my addition to the “what to do in 2021” list. Trying to be 100% vegan for January. I’ll be posting a few things here. Stay tuned.

Also if you want to join Veganuary, I´ll be posting loads of daily recipes on my instagram, so follow me there if you want to (also loads of cat content, for those who adore purring friends like me)

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Greek Salad Recipe:
– Tomatoes
– Cucumber
– Canned Chickpeas
– Olive Oil
– Vinegar
– Mustard
– Salt
– Pepper
– Agave Nectar
– Dill / Parsley

– Chop, Chop, Chop the veggies. Strain the chickpeas and mix it all together. Mix together remaining ingredients to make a dressing. And mix it all together. AAAnd you’re done. Enjoy my quick GO TO salad.

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