The Morrill brothers brawl, Stavros takes a precarious shit on an airplane, and the Knicks are starting to scare us (plus the Lakers suck, thanksgiving talk, and much more)

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  1. What did I love most about my Bulls 8utt f-in the Knicks?? Knowing Sam was watching and making excuses for why the Knicks offense was so bad. The bulls jammed our small ball nuts right in NY’s weak ass mouth. Also loved the story about Sam’s brother tattling Hahahha

  2. I feel like we need an animated short detailing this MSG interaction with Sam and the annoying fans where he is getting annoyed and dragged out to "Free Sam" chants. Then he stops daydreaming and Stav's version is actually true and his pants are around his ankles and people are talking about the disgraced ex talk show host

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