The early weeks of 1942 show how much of a global War Against Humanity this really is. People in occupied zones across the globe suffer under the boot of their tormentors. In Greece, thousands die in a famine, while repressive tactics claim the lives of many more in the Balkans. The Holocaust continues in cities and the extermination camp of Chełmno, while the Japanese army wreaks havoc in South-East Asia as they advance on Allied positions.

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Hosted by: Spartacus Olsson
Written by: Joram Appel
Director: Astrid Deinhard
Producers: Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson
Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson, Bodo Rittenauer
Creative Producer: Maria Kyhle
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Joram Appel and Valantis Athanasiou
Edited by: Miki Cackowski
Sound design: Marek Kamiński
Map animations: Eastory (

Colorizations by:
Jaris Almazani (Artistic Man),
Julius Jääskeläinen –
Daniel Weiss

Yad Vashem 4147/72, 953, 4613/629, 85EO6
IWM KF 199, FE 255, SE 4819
Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe
Museum of Yugoslavia
From the Noun Project: Skull by Muhamad Ulum

Soundtracks from the Epidemic Sound:
Johan Hynynen – Dark Beginning
Peter Sandberg – Document This 1
Skrya – First Responders
Cobby Costa – From the Past
Farrell Wooten – Blunt Object
Gunnar Johnsen – Not Safe Yet
Cobby Costa – Flight Path

Archive by Screenocean/Reuters

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.



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  2. Actual children lived through this. My family fled Vietnam during the war. No one is helped by hiding youth from knowing about the nature of human life in time.

  3. I’m pissed off YouTube is censoring ww2 videos want to make sure their isn’t another word war well then people should remember the horrors from the last war, but YouTube doesn’t care.

  4. Thanks for your courage in researching and recounting these events. I'm particularly distressed at being greeted by the YouTube censorship, which gave me a really hard time before finally allowing me to view this video. That someone went out of their way to deem it offensive is either a sign of frivolity, like French nobility just prior to the revolution, or else it is vandalous. In either case, the argument for keeping these memories alive is completely irrefutable (as if it wasn't already).

  5. My grandmother, god bless her soul, was always telling me stories from the occupation in Greece. How lucky her family was living in the countryside and, at least the first years, under Italian occupation. She told me once how one of the most well-known doctors from Athens fled to relatives in her village to survive from the famine. How the Italian officers were making them bake them bread every day and left them only with a piece of it. I really can’t imagine what those people live through. When a human being tells you, they were lucky they had chickens in the house, so they had one egg every one or two days, only then you can understand what hunger means.

    And when I was older, she told me the story of how in 1943, now under German occupation, the Germans burned the village because Greek fighters shot two German officers. They gather all the people of the village, shot the mayor and two elders and then marched them to the next town while they were seeing their village being burned. And they were lucky in comparison with other villages in Greece like Kalavrita.

    The stories my grandmother told me as well as the stories of bravery, camaraderie and self-sacrifice that my grandfather lived through in the front and pass to me, should never been forgotten. We must pass them to our children. So, a big thank you for this episode and for the whole series Spartacus. History must not be forgotten, not in order to hate out former oppressors, but in order to understand how lucky we are being free and never to make the same mistakes again.

  6. Huge amount of respect for the hole team, mapping, researching, writing and rewriting will be incredibly hard and emotional. Thanks for what you guys are doing and continue to do. Keep informing and do not give up dispite the dificulties. <3

  7. A comment from Greece. For those who pay respects to fallen ww2 German soldiers they need to understand the difference between hero and villain. I do not wish to oversimplify but these Germans who fought for the glory of their homeland starved my grandparents family to the death

  8. Hello Spartacus,Indy,Astrid and the rest of the team. I’ve been watching you for a while, but I’m commenting on this episode because it affected some people in my family. I myself am apolitical so I appreciate that you tell history as it is with no biased opinions. I also adore your glorious mustache Spartacus.

    On to the serious matter,during the famine and over inflation my grandfather (Now 80+ years old) was a child back then, he was so hungry that he like many of his friends were scavenging through the trash, and he’s recalled seeing many of his friends collapsing and dying in the streets, as a wagon started picking up the corpses and dumping them in a mass grave.

    One day he recalled seeing a truck with food supplies and a crate fell off, he immediately ran to it and started stuffing his hands with raisins to bring home to his also starving mother, while his father was fighting for the communist partisan fighters. But he couldn’t because he was found by occupying troops,his skull,arms and legs were stomped as he was beaten to the ground, before an Italian soldier chased them off and lightly treated his wounds,before giving him satchel and filling it with raisins and my grandfather ran home.

    He had a friend named John and together they daily scavenged for food and met a communist partisan (grandfather couldn’t recall his name) and at the time as you said malnutrition and hunger was widespread,while all train stations in Athens were taken over by the axis. There was a so called “dumping tube” were all waste was discarded, the partisan simply said that “If you help me you won’t be hungry again.” My grandpa went home excited, being able to do something against the occupiers, his mother kept him at home for the next week. The next day his friend went to said train station and was summarily shot by the guards, as he crawled through the tube with a bomb which turned out to be a dud, my grandfather saw his friends body in a death cart and by his own admission, he chased after the cart until he collapsed.

    From that point on my grandfather became a fervent communist and still supports the KKE (Hellenic Communist party) to this day. Anyway that’s not the point,forgive me for drawing things out. Thank you for shedding some light on the situation of my nation during the war, love you all keep up the great work.

  9. OMFGs I tried like 12-17 times to get the video to work, it would skip itself over and over again because I tried watch it in my watch later collection, and by the gods, youtube like I can't even consent when it is in such a list and when I do, it fucking skipped it anyway, I am quite furious at this, its called war against humanity, you do not need me to click I consent to see this shit unless I can't fucking read the consent button and the title. and when I do, oh boy maybe it registers maybe not. fucking piece of shit censors happy trash. like fine demonetize it, fine lower it spread, fine give it an age rating every single kid circumvent anyway. but why the fuck is there a consent question that pops up that's doesn't work half the fucking time…who the fuck is the moron that would look into war against humanity and expect an ad-friendly look at some of the darkest well-recorded atrocities in human history.

    how fucking low can you consider your fellow man that you think they would be that dumb.

    "some users have found this video offensive" AND YOU FUCKING LISTENED?!!! youtube, like wtf you ignore things far worse all the fucking time, you have ads that try to trick pepole into installing malware for bitcoins, and this type of content is where you side with the intolerants, the pepole that probably reported this to get it removed rather than just restricted becuase well-researched fact makes them feel uncomfortable, or offended, like why listen to your users now!?

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