Hello friends🙋🙋‍♂️

Gemista is the Greek 🇬🇷 word for “stuffed”.

In this video📹 I’m showing to all of you how I learned to make this traditional and delicious dish that goes on for generations as one of the flagships of the Greek cuisine.

Just be patient for the end of the summer 🌞when the tomatoes 🍅🍅 are deliciously red and ripe or just go for it when ever you find nice fresh veggies.

This version as you propably noticed is for meat ❤️❤️ because of the minced beef


I did many times for my vegetarian friends only with rice 🍚 and lots of fresh herbs and guess what.. THEY LOVED IT‼️‼️
I promise I will do a separate 📹.

This recipe is from 4 – 6 people depending on how much one is eating.

👉Feel free to ask me anything about the recipe in the comments below it will be my pleasure💯

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