This is one of my favorite mediterranean recipes, olive oil salad. There are different similar varieties under the names italian olive salad recipe or greek salad recipe. This one is my version that is similar to both; it is a feta cheese salad with olives, tomato, parsley and walnuts.

Do not underestimate the power of walnuts! Walnut is a great taste that brings the nutty flavour into this original salad recipe. It is easy to learn how to make greek salad with feta cheese and how to choose the right ingredients, because many classic mediterranean choices go very well together: olives, tomato, rosemary, mint, basil… Just try, play and enjoy. Once you add the olive oil, it takes your salad to a next level. Voilà, you have your protein, fiber, healthy oil salad recipe!

This easy salad recipe is great for lunch or a light dinner. Just toss the ingredients in, and here you have a great healthy meal for you. It is vegetarian, and you an also use tofu to make it vegan. I guarantee that you will love this feta cheese greek salad. It is also a lovely option as a side salad.

I love mediterranean food, fresh salads, greens, olives… Give it a try, you will feel much healthier and good!

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(measures in the video)
– feta cheese
– tomato
– olives

– parsley
– walnuts
– olive oil
– dried rosemary
– dried mint
– blackpepper

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