Can we trust the Internet when it comes to nutrition information? What about the mainstream media? How about popular books? Pitfalls and lessons learned in 2+ years of sharing nutrition science videos for a wide audience.

Originally presented at the M.S. (Masters in Science) in Nursing seminar, Univ. of Tampa.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this video are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor to replace medical care. The information presented herein is accurate and conforms to the available scientific evidence to the best of the author’s knowledge as of the time of posting. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions regarding any medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of information contained in Nutrition Made Simple!.

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  1. Doc, yours is the only content I’ve come across; books included, that has actually changed the way I eat as a long-term habit. Your videos on proteins, budget, beans and b12 put any hesitation I had to cutting down on all animal products to rest. So, thank you and keep up the splendid work.

  2. Good work, Doc, you're so cool! I'm especially grateful, that you mentioned: People need to know why. That is exactly the opposite what was taught to Finnish doctors a month ago in a webinar about the treatment of diabetes and how to motivate patients. "Doctors must NOT explain, or thinking about why -questions. It's important that patients can continue to eat what they are used to." It's allowed to remind patients about the plate model – half of it ( not more) can be "food of rabbits" (exact words of top diabetologist) and the other half "ordinary" food. None of those top experts had heard about BSDS, which followes the pilars you mentioned. Furthermore, we were reminded, that only conspiracy theorists think, that food /pharma bisnes could affect the information given. Webinar was paid and moderated by Astra Zeneca. How very odd 😯
    On the other hand, when you, with your patient, figure out what things might be behind of the injury of endothelial glycocalyx, or causing dysbiosis and/or imbalance of endocannabinoid system, then it's possible to get rid of the roots of the problem – starting somewhere. I'm very keen on lifestyle medicine, it's more than just food. Though – healthy diet raises energy level and gives strength to do other changes. Could you consider partisipating to some Finnish webinar for health professionals, who find it hard to believe there are proteiinin in plants, too. It's no wonder, because -despite the evidence – Finnish Heart Association, Finnish Diabetic Association as well as nutritionists still call animal derived foods being a choice of "good quality protein" and even that eggs are healthy… The right information should be brought out here by a scientist like you.

  3. Love this!! I usually get extremely overwhelmed when it comes to health advice because everyone is so specific and I can't afford all their specifics. I love that you make it simple and take it back to the basics. You really help me on my health journey!

  4. Would love you to do a Q&A Gil.

    Btw, I'm so happy to have found you as you truly make complicated talks simple to follow. You truly have a gift and I appreciate your work.

  5. Today i gave a presentation about healthy eating for my coworkers. I'm happy to see my message was pretty similar to yours. No wonder, I've been following your channel for a while. Thanks for the great work, great channel.

  6. Great information! I think the biggest hurdle is marketing. What kind of things are promoted through comercials etc. is what most people go for, since most people don't want to look up science. So it is moslty junk food that gets in peoples lives. I wish there was a good way to get scinece based information into those commersials 😉

  7. It can amke sucha HUGE difference doc! We love putting labels on things, but at the end of the day, we have to take responsibility for our own outcomes. And when that happens, then the education can be truly powerful!

  8. This is such an amazing channel! I just can't state enough how informative and evidence based and convincing your videos are after running into one I've been watching so many! Nutritional science has always seemed so confusing to me because of all these views and conflicting evidence and ideas. You're doing awesome work, and I'm just so grateful.

  9. It’s a pity videos like this rarely go viral. Maybe you should upload it again and call it Doctor gets struck off for giving this simple dietary advice that saves millions of lives…
    Now this doesn’t mean I did or didn’t miss your awful jokes – but the tone you struck with this was bang on.

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