Everything Keto Bagels | Super Easy and Delicious Bagel Recipe
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Everything Keto Bagels | Super Easy and Delicious Bagel Recipe
Everything Keto Bagels | Super Easy and Delicious Bagel Recipe

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  1. OMG! I just made these for breakfast with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and topped it all off with "Everything But The Bagel" seasoning. . So delish!! Thanks, kiddos!!!

  2. Ok this keto stuff is really hard…. What if you have an allergy to tree nuts!? What do you do then? Its hard for me to do this because my son has those allergies. Its also expensive so buying these ingredients is hard. So can you use coconut flour more often? I tried making pancakes but my boys hated them. They tasted really griddy a heavy. Can you please help am i doing something wrong ? Thank you

  3. So I made a version of these today and they came out super grainy and really I wanted to throw them out hey tasted so bad 😫 idk what I did wrong but they were definitely not dough-like

  4. Wow, I just tried to make this. I used Swiss Cheese, It only took me one try, it is amazing. Hard part is mixing, Dairy product are tricky to me.

  5. I just made keto bagels. Or tried to. Go figure, it matters what kind of protein powder you use. I don't mind green bagels. I don't mind vanilla, it's what I had on hand. But holy moly bagelman, I made such a mess! Had to scrape out the blades of the hand mixer twice because my battery, or cement was so thick! I threw in water, more cream cheese, even icky oil… Anything to get this stuff more liquidy. Well, my green vanilla bagels are cooling. I

  6. These are great! I use them for fried egg sandwiches. I also took out the everything bagel mixture and added caraway seeds to the dough. It was the closest thing I've had to rye bread in months. Thanks for this recipe!

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