Eva Cafe is a small but a cozy cafe located right by the Anjuna Beach. Finished with some pretty Greek interiors, it’s a prefect place to watch the sun go down. This cute little cafe has a vast menu especially their breakfast which is our favourite. Beautiful crimson sunset by the beach, tropical vibes and some tasty European cuisine and the best part that you don’t need footwear here is what makes this cafe unique.

Our love for Goan cafes is endless, and we love to explore whenever we get a chance. With options varying from vegan places to live music to some authentic sea food and artisanal cuisines and multiple coffee options, we did it all. Our Goan experience would have been incomplete without these lovely quaint Goan cafes.

We are a Team of Two , Saket & Ritika , Travelling has been an integral part of our lives and one of the best things about travel is the People and Stories we come across
A Festival Called Life Brings you stories from all our travels, with hopes to inspire you the way these stories and people have inspired us.

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