Wait till you sink your teeth into this wellington, with a taste so rich you won’t miss the meat! Blanche adds roasted chestnuts, nutty pecans, a flaky pie crust, and aromatic herbs like thyme for a beautiful presentation and hearty meal you can serve for your Christmas or holiday entertaining – or enjoy any time of year!
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  1. My FITME PEEPS! Love you guys so much 😉 Decided to share this recipe with you instead of a travel vlog sequel so you can get your holiday cooking on–even if you are not vegan don't be afraid! This tastes insanely good I promise, bonus is people will think you are a total cookin pro if you serve this 😀

  2. This is AMAZING!!! Never used chestnut as savory always dessert😬💃🏻What a brilliant idea👌💡if I’m gonna be hosting Christmas Day at my house I’m gonna make it ❤️

  3. I am going to play with this, Blanche, and do little turnovers. Otherwise I might eat the WHOLE Wellington! You have another hit on your hands! And BTW, thank you so much for the travel blog! I am inspired to go now, if only to try out the ice cream shop!

  4. This is straight textbook genius☺… I would probably eat the whole wellington myself lol😉… Would love to include this to my diet… Looks delicious👍… Amazing job☺


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