so me and the boys got out next snack surprise box that was full of amazing Greek snacks

This box was kindly gifted to us, use code samantha15 for 15% off




  1. Since watching you over the past year your Dylan has grown into such a lovely, kind hearted and grown up young man. He’s a real credit to you Sam, you should be very proud of him. I hope he sees these messages xx

  2. When did Dylan turn into the handsome, confident young man I’ve just been watching? I’ve noticed there are some things you don’t offer him. Is it because you know he won’t like it or is it something to do with his Ehlers Danilo’s?xx

  3. Hello great video your boys are so funny I love how your so down to earth 😁 I've just recently made a YouTube video I would love it if you checked out my channel ovs no pressure haha 😅 x

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