Greek Vasilopita Cake Tsoureki

1/3 C lukewarm water (80ml)
1 Tbs sugar
10g Yeast
750g All purpose flour (6 cups)
280g Sugar (1.25 C)
200g Butter (Room temperature) (Less than 1 cup)
4 Medium eggs (1 for glazing)
70ml Milk (1/3 C)
2 Tbs (30ml) Orange juice
Zest of 1 Orange
1 tsp Mahlepi
1 tsp Mastiha
½ tsp Salt
White almonds (Decorate 2022) and around.

Prepare the dough:

Pour warm water in a bowl, add the yeast and 1 Tbs sugar. Whisk until all combined.

Add ½ the sifted flour on top and don’t mix it in.

Cover and leave it to activate for the next 30 minutes.

(It should bubble over the flour)
Add the dough hook to the mixer and let it beat on low speed.

Gradually increase the speed.
Add the melted butter once all combined and then add the sugar.

Pour the milk in the mixer and all the salt, spices and continue beating.

Add the three eggs into the mixer, one at a time.

Lower the speed and add the other half batch of flour slowly until all combined.

Pour the orange juice and zest just before you’re finished adding the rest of the flour.
Once the dough is thick remove the mixture and place in another bowl for it to proof.

After 2 hours it should have risen by triple.

In a springform pan, brush the sides with olive oil and place it on a dish with baking paper at the bottom of the dish.

Then cut the baking paper so it shapes the dish.

Pour the mixture in the springform pan and level it.

Glaze the top with the remaining 1 egg.
Decorate the cake with almonds around and even write the year…

Let it proof for ½ an hour in a warm room.

Bake the vasilopita on convection for 45 minutes at 170 degrees celcius.
Insert a knife in and it should come out clean.

Take the cake out and let it cool completely.

Remove the springform and place the cake on a plate.

You can turn the cake over with a plate and place the coin in from the bottom.
Or you can place the coin (in silver foil) before baking… NOT near the centre though.

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