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  1. So happy to see yah😀. I'm a newer subscriber. I have really enjoyed your channel so much. I'm 56 and my husband is 59. I'm a full-time homemaker that helps my disabled husband at home. So we live on a tight budget. You and your husband has helped us with learning so much more information on budgeting. God Bless you and your family. Would love to one day be able to purchase some of your books on budgeting. I really loved your grocery store videos on couponing and budgeting. It was so much fun to watch your gift idea videos too. Your live videos streaming seem hard to hear and video seem blurry. So those type of videos I seem not as focused on. Please consider trying to make more grocery videos and budgeting videos. Thank you, Tamson from Kentucky.

  2. So very glad to see you back with a cooking video!  I love split pea soup and I also always save my ham bones. They add so much flavor and they often still have some meat left on them that falls off while simmering. The soup looks really delicious!


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