Nothing is as easy as an Easy Peasy Simple Cream Cheese made from Yogurt. Try it and tell me it’s not delicious.😋

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EASY PEASY CHEESY – Simple Cream Cheese from Yogurt

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You Will Need

I used a Good Full Fat Greek Yogurt
1/2 a teaspoon of Salt
1 1/2 teaspoons of Italian Herbs

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  1. This is the traditional way to make what we call in Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan) Labneh.. this is one of the most popular daily breakfast dishs ever.. my grandmother and my mother used to do it at home just like the way you did, except we don't often add the herbs from the beginning, rather we sprinkle some dried mint and olive oil on top as a garnish.. thanks a lot it's so tasty

  2. thanks for the recipe!!!! can you use the cream cheese for regular cheesecakes if i dont season it at all? does it taste like philadelphia? 🙂 would it still work if i dont add any salt to it, as i would love to use it for cheesecakes 🙂

  3. Hey Steve! Thanks for the shout out. You wouldn't believe it but I just finished making Yoghurt Cheese over the weekend and it will be this weeks cheese video. Looks like great minds think alike!

  4. i think what you have done here is thr same way us lebanese make labneh. which is a thicker salty yogurt that hs had the whey removed. we eat this on a regular basis

  5. I have actually used my Kefir Milk and strain it and make Cream Cheese , and i put all kinds of different seaonings and the like to make mine. its way cheaper than the stuff you can buy in the supermarket. One thing too, the Whey I strain off I can use to flavour soup and the like.

  6. I've made cream cheese before, with whole milk, rennet and a cheese culture – from another YT recipe. Delicious, but it's getting really hard to find unhomogenized whole milk where I live. This seems much easier, especially given your excellent previous video on making yoghurt. Can you tell me if this form of cream cheese can be used in recipes, e.g. for cream cheese frosting?

  7. I make quick ricotta, & add flavours to it, fresh herbs are great too, I hang it from a cupboard door handle to drip down into a bowl on the worktop. Yours looks very scrum Steve. Thanks for sharing. Take care. ❤☺🐶

  8. Looks absolutely stunning.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. I used to do a cream cheese and onion stuffed bread ring, back in the day, that was yum. Much appreciated Steve. Love to the best camera woman ever. 😊❤

  9. Looks so easy and wonderful. will use this on Monday to serve with assorted crackers.  I use Italian but am open to more flavors. curry Perhaps with a little onion powder.

  10. I did do this before, with Balkan style yoghurt. I drained the yoghurt through a strainer, lined with paper towel. I like garlic, lemon zest and juice and fresh and dried herbs in my cream cheese. What I use is natural yoghurt. The ones with gelatin are not the same. Great looking recipe.

  11. I've been making my own cream cheese for decades …. I like the yogurt slow drip process … I use seasonings according to the setting I am preparing the cheese preparation for …. dips, etc. …. Fine Vid!! Raggy

  12. I make mine with a quart of whipping cream and 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of cheese culture (Mesophilic MM100/101). You stir this together and then let it sit on the counter for 8 to 12 hours to thicken up. Then hang the cheese-cloth wrapped mixture from a cupboard knob over a bowl and let it drip for 8 to 12 hours. Add some salt (cheese salt works best but you can use sea salt or even table salt, just don't use much or it will be too salty). Then I put it into a couple of 500 mL jars… and it lasts for weeks in the fridge, depending on how often we eat it. Very delicious and so easy to make… and delicious in cheesecake too.


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