So excited to be starting the year with this video, the chaffle pizza is a great way to lose weight while enjoying the foods you love most!

Today I’ll show you how to make a chaffle and chaffle pizza. This is an incredibly easy and fast keto meal that anyone can enjoy. One of the best keto dishes I’ve had recently.

Please comment below if you followed along with the video and how your keto chaffle pizza turned out!

Also if you have any suggestions for upcoming videos and recipes please let me know.

Cauliflower Rice – (ready to use if you do not have Food Processor)
Cauliflower Florets – (if you have Food Processor)
Mozzarella –
Italian Seasoning –
Pink Salt –
Pomi Sauce –
Pepperoni –
Garlic –
Mushrooms –
Napoleon Artichokes –
Kalamata Olives –
Fresh Mozzarella for topping –
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil –
Kitchen Herb Trio Grow Kit –


Best Food Processor:
Pizza Stone + Pizza Peel
Only Pizza Stone –
Only Bamboo Pizza Peel –
Parchment Paper Roll –
Measuring Cups Set –




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