Greek oven roasted broad beans recipe. How to easily make homemade dried broad beans for food.
From boiling broad beans to cooking oven everything you should know (ingredients, grams, quantities, baking intense, baking time) to make your own fava beans fast and simple.
Τhe amount of ingredients, calories and calories per 100 grams of food are provided for dried fava beans.
The best easy cooking dried fava beans recipe from Greek food’s way.

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Attention – broad beans, can cause poisoning in animals and humans known as cyanosis or favism, which manifests as hemolytic anemia and in many cases is fatal. Cyanosis is caused in people who have inherited G6PD deficiency, with a deficiency rate of about 3.2% in men and 1.7% in women. In any case, after consuming them, if malaise is observed, immediate medical attention is required.