No matter the season, my hair always calls for intense moisturization. This is simply due to the fact that I have curly hair that’s quite needy for love and attention. To make matters a bit more complex, the dry climate of where I currently live is brutally unforgiving to my natural curls.

You could probably come to the conclusion and say that my locks are spoiled, but, hey, they’re totally worth the extra effort if you ask me!

So for today’s DIY hair mask, this one is for all of you curly-haired beauties out there on our planet! I call it my Deeply Nourishing Greek Yogurt Hair Mask because it intensely penetrates the coarse personality of curly hair, while miraculously restoring health back into each strand, regardless of what may have transpired the days leading up to masking.

Let me know of your thoughts on this Deeply Nourishing Greek Yogurt Hair Mask DIY for Dry Curly Hair, and some of your own remedies to share with the rest of us!

Have a lovely day or night wherever you are on our planet, and I will see you in my next video and post.

Take care, and enjoy your luscious and healthy curls!

EM x

1 tbsp Plain Full-Fat Greek Yogurt:
1 tbsp Honey:
1 tbsp Olive Oil:

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