We highlight some of our favorite Greek ruins in Sicily including The Valley of Temples in Agrigento, Selinunte, Segesta, the Greek amphitheatres in Taormina and Siracusa. We also go shopping for fruits and vegetables at a local store. Graziella has a great recipe for wild greens. Next we answer a viewer question on buying property in Sicily. Do you need to be a citizen of Italy? Stay tuned for bloopers at the end. Support this channel and get access to perks:
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  1. Another great video!!! This new format really suites you guys. I like that you answered a couple of viewer questions! Al, enjoy your cereal 🥣!!!!😅😅😅😅

  2. The greece were one of the most civilation wich passed in Sicily and Sicily has got a huge heritage.
    Even Catania was founded by greece, the name Catania borned by greece ancient word "Katane" that meant grater, at least according the ancient Greece history man Plutarco. Them used give to them colonies name how appeared the soil . The lava rocks were similar at that tool.
    But, you know the most interesting thing is that, even nowadays every year in Siracusa (by word Syraca wich meant plenty of water), on spring in Greece theater one use recitals ancient Greece tragedy of Sofocle, Eschilo, Euripide etc.. In the same way with the same ancient wears like ancient Greece used di many centuries ago. It's a gorgeous tradition.

  3. OMG such a great episode today. You guys are so much fun. Al it was a first for you, not having anything else to say…lol I love the bloopers too, especially when Alfred says go screw yourself!! LOL Eszter maybe you could do a cooking video on your recipe for artichokes. I want to make some so bad, but I've been afraid of them. Idk which parts you can eat.

  4. Holy ancient ingenuity! Thank you two for the wonderful, very cheerful entertainment today. Not to forget the most beautiful foodstuff in the world, plus that incredible amphitheater. What sweetest dreams. Love to Sicilians from this humble Irish dreamer.

  5. OMG, you guys cracked me up today. Disappointed that the Santa with the Sicilian flag doesn't at least speak Italian/Sicilian. I noticed that the hardware store you went to the other day had a big "Merry Christmas" banner. Makes me sad to see so much English used instead of Italian/Sicilian. But, nevertheless, your Santa is a cute addition. Agrigento and is definitely a must see!

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