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  1. It's always good to see you eating at peace by yourself on a nice sunny day. 🌤💖 And, having Nala keep mommy company when she's begging for food. 😅 BTW, gyros are SO GOOD they're a popular. If you ever try a gyro salad.. that's also hella good.

  2. Been craving gyros and fries! My gf won’t by them for us. Yummy. A lot of different sandwiches. I like the original sandwich. I would go with Mountain Dew or Coke myself. Btw, goat cheese is easier to digest than cow milk. No lactose.

  3. Ok hi from kefalonia Greece can't get a gyros at the moment due to covid and the takeaways being shut my mouth was drooling watching you eat yours hope it tasted good. Stay safe.

  4. Hey Raina i could really go for some greek food right now i love all the fresh veggies on these pita breads great for after any workout thanks for sharing and stay safe my friend😷✌✌💛 bye bye


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