I found some fresh lamb hearts at the market. Figured I would make another “Daddy Recipe” video. Lamb heart is delicious, lean, bouncy meat. Slice it thin, spice with some salt and pepper, a little oil, then over-fry to perfection. I tend to over-cook organ meat just because I am neurotic. Enjoy! And be sure to like, share & subscribe for videos that will make you happy. And, possibly, even a better cook. But probably not.

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  1. If your knife is struggling to cut things I would say get a knife sharpener and learn how to use it. A couple of mins of sharpening saves you a lot of struggle when it comes to handling meat and fish in the kitchen.;)

  2. I asked my ex, at the time he was my partner. If he liked hearts he said to me "NO." 6 months later on a winters night. I cooked hearts, steak and chopped up bacon in a delicious gravy with onions for dinner with mash spuds. He was eating away telling me how yummy it was he even had 3rds not 2nds but 3rds. After dinner and all the cleaning we cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. He just couldn't get over how yummy dinner was. He then asked me what meat I used. I told him lamb hearts, steak and bacon. He was soooooooo shocked he honestly thought I was bullshitting him. It was so funny his reaction was to die for. Lol. Till this day he will not eat anyone elses gravy hearts.

  3. when i was a kid my uncle tought me how to gut and butcher a huge deer. head to toe. he made me wear a jump suit , gloves and an apren and ended up getting blood all over it. very eazy, but bloody prossess.

  4. Life hack to have the handle not hang over the edge so children don't pull on it. 30 seconds later, handles over the edge and you want the kids to come down.

    When you first started and said you were just putting salt and pepper on it, I was surprised. But then the lemon made its inevitable apperance.

  5. That heart doesnt look that fat though, looks like a normal heart.
    The only thing I can't explain is why I always watch cooking videos when Im hungry instead of making food.


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