This was so good. Crispy Greek Roasted Potatoes Air fryer

Here is the recipe:

Crispy Greek Oven Roasted Potatoes


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  1. You had me at marjoram…my absolute favorite herb!! It's tough to grow or find around here, so I use a close cousin, thyme. Oh, and the potatoes…almost the perfect vegetable. Good job, Booger. Yum! (:

  2. Looks delicious. Small potatoes comes out so nice in the airfryer!

    I only use marjioram for one thing, and thats to meak breakfast sausage, its one of the sausage trinity, sage, cloves and marjoram. Withough one of them its not the right taste to me 🙂

  3. Potatoes are in my blood as my dad was from Idaho 🙂 Joi is going to love that green bowl 🙂 That looks beyond delicious Booger 🙂 An Extra "BIG" thumbs up 🙂 I'm putting this in my CULINARY playlist 🙂 When you get a chance check out my recent BBQ video titled Wild West BBQ Steaks 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  4. Yum Yum I would like it a lot too !! Sometimes I buy those potatoes for special meal. I would like to eat those all the time though. I don't think I've used the marjoram herb either. Boy that airfrier sure is perfect for this. 👌👍😋

  5. Looks great my sweet Booger!!! I love those little tators with the strange colors!!! Glad you got to try some marjoram. It is pretty good, but it's fairly strong, so go light with it when using it. Love ya!!!

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